The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 2 (Binaural Beats)

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The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 2 (Binaural Beats)

Metta Mindfulness Music
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The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 2

The music on this album is Triple Strength 40hz music, as all the musical instruments on this album were tuned to 40hz. Secondly, the accompaniment music in all tracks include 40hz vibrations, and many overtones of 40hz, such as 80hz, 160hz, 420hz, etc. Thirdly, the music tracks include Binaural Beats which induce an independent vibration of 40hz inside the brain of the listener, in addition to the 40hz vibrations that the listener hears and feels from the music. In order to receive the benefit of the Binaural Beats vibration music must be heard via headphones.

Music composed within musical modes from India (Ragas), which are known to induce relaxation, and have been used for thousands of years in India for inducing healthy sleep and well-being.

Music composed, arranged, and produced by Yuval Ron

Associated producer: Zac Rosenblum

Recorded and Mixed at YRM Studios, Los Angeles

Pandit Nayan Ghosh was recorded at at YRF Studios, Bombai, India, Kohinoor Mukherjee – Recording supervisor, Chinmay Mestry – sound engineer.

Keyboards layers by Yuval Ron, William Stanbro, Zac Rosenblum and Harry Hou.

Music parts preparation by Joyce Yong Oh

Album Cover design and media supervisor: Nick Salerno

Executive Producer: Dr Richard Gold

© Yuval Ron (ASCAP)

(P) Metta Mindfulness Music

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45 minutes of Triple Strength 40hz Binaural Beats Music for Brain Health, Sleep and Pain Relief

Track 1
Misty Mountain Lullaby (15 min)
Track 2
Moonlight Song (15 min)
Track 3
Floating Peace (15 min)


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