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Track 1: Metal
Associated Organ: Lungs
Musical Tonic: D
Featured Instrument: Glass harmonica
Healing Sound: "SSSSSSSSSSSS." (Produced with a long slow exhalation while the tongue is placed behind closed teeth.)
Affirmations: You are just; You are deliberate; You are assertive.

Glass harmonica soloist: Brien Engel
Keyboards, sound design, and programming: Yuval Ron and William Stanbro
Vocal healing sounds of the Earth Element, Qi Gong breathing, and affirmations: Dr. Richard Gold
Music preparation and sound editing: Jessica Jefferson Recorded and mixed at Yuval Ron Music Studios, Studio City, CA 91604, USA Didgeridoo recorded at The Soul Mine, Grass Valley, CA

  • A 45-minute track of Metal in high quality wav

  • Size
    457 MB
  • Duration
    45 minutes
  • A 45-minute track of Metal in high quality wav
  • Size457 MB
  • Duration45 minutes
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Metal - Long version (wav)

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